*Coach Westbrook and Coach Esquivel return once again to head our Midget team this year!


Our mission is to promote sportsmanship, teamwork and good character on the field and more importantly in the classroom.  We believe that participating in our football program will help instill children with life-long values of teamwork, dedication and superior work ethic which will serve as a solid foundation for their journey.  We are committed to teaching the fundamentals of tackle football in a safe and enjoyable environment which allows our children to flourish and learn.  Coaches will encourage players to try out for various positions and help them identify where they best fit for the teams success.

The 2020 season is our 10th year for the Upland Hurricanes tackle football program which has participants of ages 7-14.  Our opponents are determined by the So Cal Jr. All-American Conference, the largest football conference in California.  Our tackle program has been very successful each year always finishing with a strong winning season including an undefeated season two years ago.


  • The cost to register is $300 and a single $150 fundraiser; we WILL NOT ask you more additional fundraising throughout the season like most other leagues..  These fees will cover game uniform, all league, field, equipment and insurance expenses, picture package, trophy and end of year chapter banquet.  In addition, our players keep both high quality custom tackle jersey!


  • Complete the chapter forms and bring with you to our live-signups:
  • Please note that all participants must sign up in person and submit full registration payment of $300 and complete the (1) mandatory fundraiser or buyout of $150 before the deadline of 7/17/2019 in order to secure a spot.  Returners are not guaranteed a spot until they complete the registration process as well.


  • Conditioning Practice 7/9-7/18:  Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at Upland Jr. High School 444 E. 11th Street.
  • Regular Season Practice 7/22-8/23:  Monday through Friday from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at Upland Jr. High School 444 E. 11th Street.
  • Regular Season Practice 8/27-11/21:  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at Upland Elementary School and Upland Junior High.
  • Game Schedule:  Full schedule will be distributed and finalized no later than 9/2.  Regular season games will be held on Saturday’s.  Home games will be at Upland High School or Western Christian High School and Away games will be at neighboring chapters.


  • Teams will consist of a maximum of 28 players per team.  Ages are based on age as of July 31st and there is a age and weight limit to ensure player safety at all levels.  This program is open to all boys and girls within the age and weight requirements.


  • We require all participants to maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to participate and do require a report card upon registration.  Anyone in danger of falling below a 2.0 GPA will be required to submit progress reports to their Team AD for review.  We value education!  At our end of year banquet we recognize all our scholar athletes and we are pleased to state that we have over 70% of our participants achieving a 3.0 GPA or higher!


  • Chapter will provide all participants upon full payment of registration AND fundraiser the following items: NOCSAE Certified helmet and shoulder pads, game/practice pants, belt, 7 piece pads and supplemental insurance.  In addition, our players keep both high quality custom tackle jersey’s!
  • It’s mandatory to wear the white Hurricanes practice jersey for practice.  Use of other jerseys will not be allowed.  We are professionals and should be in a single uniform.
  • Parents are responsible to purchase the following: mouth guard (no red or clear), black socks, cleats, soft/hard cup and chin strap (black color is preferred).



  • There are no refunds of registration fee after the start of the first day of regular season practice or “grass time.”
  • There will never be a refund for fundraiser or sponsorship money.
  • No refunds are given to a player, cheerleader or mascot if they quit the team after the start of the regular season or “grass time.”
  • No refunds are given to a player, cheerleader or mascot who is expelled from any team as a result of discipline.
  • In cases where a player must be cut from a team based on the team composition rule of 28 players per team, a 100% refund of the registration fee will be issued by check within 2 weeks.
  • As Parent/Guardian, you are responsible for your behavior, as well as, the behavior of other individuals who have come to watch your child or the children under your guardianship participate in our program. Additionally, local authorities will be notified of all threats, whether physical or verbal, made against children, adults, chapter officials, or referees which can lead to arrest and prosecution. Safety and the protection of all is our number one concern.

If you have additional questions please contact our Chapter Commissioner Thomas Fleming at commissioner@uplandjaaf.com